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The Assegno di Ricerca is as a post-doc position, applicants are expected to have expertise but not necessarily a PhD.

A brief description of the research program is given in the following:

Modelling space-radiation-induced biological effects, also with radiation transport and track-structure simulations, in particular to study effects on the astronauts’ visual system

The general objective of this research activity, to be carried on in the framework of the ASI-VISAIR project (Visual System Activation by Ionizing Radiation: Experiments and Models) is the study of space-radiation-induced biological effects, in particular with the development of models and simulation codes to describe radiation transport and tracks and their interaction with the main biological targets at risk.
Specific objective is the study of interactions and mechanisms at the basis of the activation of the visual system, leading to sensory illusions reported by astronauts (light flashes in the absence of light), and more generally of interactions between radiation and the sensory system.

The selected candidate will carry on the research activity within the Radiation Biophysics and Radiobiology group (, Physics Department.

Find all necessary documents for the application in the website of UniPv Physics Department here.

The call for applications can be downloaded directly here.

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