Bachelor’s Theses

1) Tentative Title:

Mathematical modelling of radio-induced cell cycle modification in cells derived from patients affected with Shwachman-Diamond syndrome.

Short Description:

Aim of the thesis is the creation of a mathematical model able to describe the perturbation of cell cycle due to ionizing radiation exposure in lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from patients affected with Shwachman-Diamond syndrome. Experimental flow-cytometry data will be used for model benchmarking.

Further Reference:

  •   B. Basse, B.C. Baguley, E.S. Marshall, et al. “A mathematical model for analysis of the cell cycle in human tumours“. J Math Biol. 2003;47(4):295-312.

For detailed info:

Jacopo Morini, Giorgio Baiocco


2) Tentative Title:

In silico implementation and optimization of the analysis of irradiated biological samples after immunofluorescence staining.

Short Description:

Aim of the thesis is to couple the biological research (performed through immunocytochemistry assays) with an in silico activity, in particular the implementation and optimization of imaging analysis algorithms in order to evaluate and quantify different biological parameters in fluorescence-stained specimens after exposure of cells to different doses/qualities of radiation.

Further References:

  • P. Leclerc, N. Jibard, X. Meng, et al. “Quantification of the nucleocytoplasmic distribution of wild type and modified proteins using confocal microscopy: interaction between 90-kDa heat shock protein (Hsp90 alpha) and glucocorticosteroid receptor (GR)“. Exp Cell Res. 1998;242(1):255-64.
  • G. Babini, M. Ugolini, J. Morini, G. Baiocco, et al. “Investigation of radiation-induced multilayered signalling response of the inflammatory pathway“. Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2015;166(1-4):157-60.

For detailed info:

Gabriele Babini,  Jacopo Morini

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