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  • G. Baiocco, G. Babini, S. Barbieri, J. Morini, W. Friedland, C. Villagrasa, H. Rabus, A. Ottolenghi. What roles for track structure and microdosimetry in the era of omics, systems biology and systems biology? Submitted for publication in Radiation Protection Dosimetry.
  • G. Baiocco, L. Bocchini, M. Giraudo, S. Barbieri, L. Narici, C. Lobascio, A.  Ottolenghi. Innovative solutions for personal radiation shielding in space. Submitted for publication in Radiation Protection Dosimetry.
  • J. Schuemann, A.L. McNamara, J. W. Warmenhoven, N. T. Henthorn, K. Kirkby, M. J. Merchant, S. Ingram, H. Paganetti, KD. Held, J. Ramos-Mendez, B. Faddegon, J. Perl, D. T. Goodhead, I. Plante, H. Rabus, H. Nettelbeck, W. Friedland, P. Kundrat, A. Ottolenghi, G. Baiocco, S. Barbieri, M. Dingfelder, S. Incerti, C. Villagrasa, M. Bueno, M. A. Bernal, S. Guatelli, D. Sakata, J. M. C. Brown, Z. Francis, I. Kyriakou, N. Lampe, F. Ballarini, M. P. Carante, M. Davidkova ,V. Štěpan, X. Jia, F. A. Cucinotta, R. Schulte, R. D. Stewart, D. J. Carlson, S. Galer, Z. Kuncic, S. Lacombe, J. Milligan, S. H. Cho, G. Sawakuchi, T. Inaniwa, T. Sato, W. Li,, M. Durante, K. Prise and S. J. McMahon. A new Standard DNA Damage (SDD) data format. Accepted for publication in Radiation Research.
  • A. Ottolenghi, K. Trott, G. Baiocco, V. Smyth. Education and training In Europe to support basic radiation physics and radiobiology. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, in press.
  • S. Barbieri, G. Babini, G. Baiocco, J. Morini, W. Friedland, M. Buonanno, D.J. Brenner, A. Ottolenghi. Modelling γ-H2AX foci induction to mimic limitations in the scoring technique. Radiation Protection Dosimetry,  in press
  • G. Babini, B. Tanno, I. De Stefano, P. Giardullo, E. Pasquali, G. Baiocco, A. Ottolenghi, M. Mancuso. Bioinformatic analysis of dose- and time- dependent mirnome responses. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, in press



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  • Ottolenghi. ALLEGRO – Early and late health risks to normal/healthy tissues from the use of existing and emerging techniques for radiation therapy. In: European Research on Environment and Health Funded by the Seventh Framework Programme, Volume 1 – project information, p. 166-169.
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  • Ottolenghi, K. Trott, V. Smyth. Normal tissue risk from radiotherapy. The ALLEGRO Session at the ESTRO Anniversary conference, Quarterly Newsletter, ESTRO Summer 2011 # 80, 1-2.
  • Ottolenghi. ALLEGRO Early and Late Risks to Normal/Healthy Tissues from the Use of Existing and Emerging Techniques for Radiation Therapy Side-effects of radiation therapy. In: Euratom FP7 Research &Training Projects Vol. 2 EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General for Research Directorate J – Energy (Euratom) Unit J.2 – Fission, p 32-33.

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