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Andrea Ottolenghi – Full Professor

Research interests : ionizing radiation effects on biological systems – models and simulations – experiment designs – data analysis, relative to: radionuclide transport in atmosphere after nuclear explosions and accidents; dose estimates in organs, short- and long-term effects on humans; cell growth, inactivation, transformation and chromosomal aberrations after in vitro irradiation, and their dependence on radiation characteristics, dose rate etc.; radiation induced DNA damage and repair processes; bystander effects; radiation track structure and transport codes (coupled with anthropomorphic phantoms). Specific attention is now given to: theoretical and experimental basic research on the effects of low doses of ionizing radiation of different qualities (with systems radiation biology approaches); clinic radiobiology for the optimization of radiotherapy treatment plans (risk of complications and secondary tumours).

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Giorgio Baiocco – Contract researcher

Research interests : interaction of radiation with matter / biological targets – radiation-induced DNA damage – models and Monte Carlo simulations – radiation therapy – diagnostics – radiation protection – low doses – for space radiation – nuclear reaction modeling.

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Sofia Barbieri – PostDoc fellow

Research interest : radiobiology: detrimental effects of ionizing radiation on biological matter and radio-induced DNA damage – biophysics – Monte Carlo codes: radiation transport and track structure codes – space radiation: space environment and countermeasures.

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Isabella Guardamagna – M.Sc. in Biology


Leonardo Lonati – M.Sc. in Physics


Vere Smyth– Contract researcher

Research interest : radiation physics – radiation metrology – radiation dosimetry in external beam therapy and nuclear medicine therapy.

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