Funded by INFN

  • MERIDIAN – Measuring the Effects of Radiation on Immunity and DIfferentiAtioN (2014).
  • RADIOSTEM – Radiobiological response mechanisms to photons and charged particles, of cell stems derived from tumours and healty tissues (2012 – 2014).
  • TENORE – Damage mechanisms and response (at molecular, cellular and supra-cellular levels) in targeted and non targeted effects of ionising radiation: dependence on radiation quality, coordinated by Pavia Section (2009 – 2011).
  • EPICA – Effects of charged particles: mechanisms of induction of molecular damage and modulation of intercellular signalling, coordinated by Pavia Section (2006 – 2008).
  • MIDPAC – Mechanims of radiation damage induced by charged particles in human cells: experimental measurements and theoretical models, coordinated by Pavia Section (2003 – 2005).
  • INFN-FLUKA2 experiment – Proposal for the continuation of the activity of development, maintenance and diffusion of the Monte Carlo cod FLUKA (2006 – 2008).
  • INFN-FLUKA experiment – Development the MC code FLUKA and of its interdisciplinary and technological applications (2002 – 2005).


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