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For the purposes of the Master Thesis, an internship can be carried out in different research centers abroad, in the framework of the Erasmus+ Program (for more information: Many collaborations have been established during the past years, during which students have spent several months in European radiobiology laboratories, working on their thesis project.

The general aim is to allow students to have a full working experience in international teams, to specialize in forefront laboratory techniques and to get to know how to design radiobiological experiments. In the following, you can find some of the works performed by students carrying on the Master thesis with our group.

Past Erasmus Experiences:

  • Francesca Barbaro

2015 – Traineeship at Dublin Institute of Technology (Dublin, Ireland)

Dissertation Topic:

Advisers: Prof. A. Ottolenghi – Dr. F. Lyng– Dr. G. Babini

  • Sofia Barbieri

2015 – Erasmus+ Traineeship at  Research Laboratory for Radiation Biology with Accelerated Ions (LARIA) GANIL (Caen, France)

Dissertation Topic: In vitro 3D chondrosarcoma models: a radioresistance study after X-ray and carbon ion irradiation (110/110 cum laude)

Advisers: Prof. A. Ottolenghi – Dr. F. Chevalier – Dr. J. Morini

  • Mattia Siragusa

2014 – Erasmus Placement at Erasmus MC: Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

Dissertation Topic: FRAP and super resolution microscopy to investigate GFP‐Rev7 mobility after low LET radiation‐induced DNA damage (110/110)

Advisers: Prof. A. Ottolenghi – Ms. Inger Brandsma – Dr. G. Baiocco

  • Elettra Valentina Bellinzona

2013 – Erasmus Placement at Helmholtz Zentrum München Research, Unit for Radiation Cytogenetics (München , Germany)

Dissertation Topic: Non targeted effects induced by low dose gamma­rays:  implications for anti and pro carcinogenesis (110/110 cum laude)

Advisers: Dr. K. Unge – Prof. A. Ottolenghi – Dr. G. Babini


Ph.D. Experience:

During the 3-year Ph.D. program in Physics offered by the University of Pavia, research periods carried out at foreign institutions can be foreseen. The maximum duration of the stay abroad is of 18 months in total, as authorized by the Academic Board.

For more information about the related bureaucracy, you can visit the page:

We have many collaborations all over Europe, and there are chances for you to spend part of your Ph.D. in foreign institutions, or even carry out the entire project abroad!

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