People talk about PERSEO!

We’re happy that PERSEO raised a a lot of interest, here’s a collection of presentations, articles and links reporting on the achievements of the project.

TG1 (Rai 1): March 27, 2019, C. Lobascio talks about PERSEO and spacesuits, video available here.

MEMEX – Nautilus (RaiScuola): first broadcasted in March 2019, G. Baiocco talks about PERSEO and space radiation, see the full video here (free subscription to RaiPlay required)

TEDx UniPv: see here the TED talk given by PERSEO PI G. Baiocco for the first TEDx event at the University of Pavia

ASI Website: link  for the news on the successful conclusion of the on-board experimental session

NASA Website: link for the project page

PRESS and Website links

Il Messaggero : link, direct link to the video: here.

DireGiovani : link, with direct link to the video: here.

Sardegna Oggi : link.

Youtube : link.

Galileo : link.

Wired” : link.

“Focus : link.

“Dire” : link.

If you are interested in the VITA mission, you can visit the ASI website, and discover all the different (up to 13!) scientific experiments Paolo Nespoli carried out on board the ISS during Increment 52/53.

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